Sunday, 20 July 2008

Entrecard Credits

This is interesting. Just like a new toy. :D
Some facts I found about Entrecard tonight: Revenue from the site is not cash. But it gets very close. I think this is what has to happen. You might notice various web sites offering virtual money. Money, actually, since any money is virtual. A paper without any significant value. The value it represents is what stands behind it. The same is with this electronic money on the Internet. There are sites like PayPal, AlertPay, e-gold, and so on, that offer financial transactions. The transactions where we exchange goods and services via some currency.
Entrecard credits act the same. You earn them by performing certain activities, like visiting blogs and dropping your entrecard (virtual visit card), and by other people giving you their visit card. Points are also earned by posting to the blog registered with Entrecard. This is a nice feature since the whole idea is to promote blogging and encourage people to create more useful content.
Now, I wonder how to register all my different blogs. Obviously, nowadays, one blog is not enough. There is so many disparate topics out there that it does not make sense to mix them together. This is something I've been contemplating tonight - to put all my posts into one blog and separate them by using tags. But, then, the site would look like a junk yard. It make much more sense to keep blogs separate with their individual history, search, and other blog features.
If you are a blogger, definitely try out Entrecard.

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