Saturday, 2 July 2011

Show One Amount Column in Quicken

Quicken (2011) will, by default, display incoming and outgoing transaction amounts in separate columns. This might be convenient for accountant-types but sometimes the screen realestate is not plentiful and we might just want to see one amount column with sign '-' for negative numbers. And preferrably different color.

Fortunately, the new Quicken column options offer this possibility. 

There are columns for Deposit and Payment, but also Amount. Simply untick the Deposit and Payment columns and tick the Amount column. The column names are different for different types of accounts but they can be easily located by checking what the actual column titles are in the register.

The drawback here is that values cannot be typed directly into the Amount column. Fortunately, this is where quick switch between 1- and 2-column layout comes in handy. CTRL+2 is the shortcut key for switching to 2-column display, which can have separate Payment and Deposit columns for entering transactions. Then, pressing the hotkey again will switch to 1-column display that could have only the Amount field and more transactions listed, which provides a great overview of the recent account activity.