Wednesday, 24 June 2009

DownUnder Dogs

The list of stocks with the highest dividend yields among the largest 50
companies on the Australian Stock Exchange.

AFR Smart Investor

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Australia - Index Funds

Added the link to SPDRs funds’ online share registry.

Australia - Index Funds

G8 Meeting: Focusing on Exit Strategies and a New Regulatory Framework

Source: RGE

  • G8 finance ministers' meeting on June 12-13 in Lecce, Italy focused on "exit strategies", plans for unwinding the fiscal and monetary stimulus extended in recent months as well as introducing a new set of common principles of international business conduct ' the Lecce framework'. The IMF, which will help on exit strategies, reportedly scaled up its forecast for 2010 growth to 2.4% from 1.9% previously
  • Communique of ministers: There are signs of stabilization, including a recovery of stock markets, a decline in interest rate spreads, improved business and consumer confidence, but the situation remains uncertain and significant risks remain to economic and financial stability

Monday, 15 June 2009

Zakaria: A Capitalist Manifesto | Newsweek Business |

An excellent article in the aftermath of the financial and economic crisis. The article hints at the change taking place in the world. Globalization and the effects to nations and countries. What we have are the growing pains of the globalized world. The following paragraph has a particularly striking note.

The failure of self-regulation over the past 20 years—in investment banking, accounting, rating agencies—has led inevitably to the rise of greater government regulation. This marks an important change in the Anglo-American world, away from informal rules often enforced by private actors toward the more formal bureaucratic system common in continental Europe. Perhaps the state should not set the pay of the private sector. But surely CEOs should exercise some judgment about their own compensation, and tie it far more closely to the long-term health of the company. It will still be possible to get very rich—Warren Buffett, after all, draws a salary of only $100,000.

Emphasis mine.

Zakaria: A Capitalist Manifesto | Newsweek Business |

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Dow Theory – Trends

There is a good summary of Dow theory about trends at Incredible Charts. Here are the basics.

Bull Trend:

Bull Trend Start and End:

Bear Trend:

Bear Trend Start and End:

More at Dow Theroy – Trends page at IncredibleCharts.