Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Future of Money

Excellent topic. The talk from the RSA on the future of money.

Lead by this interesting concept of new and different monetary system, I read a few more good articles on topic:

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

iPhones from China and the Future of U.S. Manufacturing

Great text about Apple's manufacturing in China and the numbers behind it.

Manufacturing an iPhone in the United States would cost about $65 more than manufacturing it in China, where it costs an estimated $8. This additional $65 would dent the profit Apple makes on each iPhone, but it wouldn't eliminate it. (The iPhone average selling price is about $600, and Apple's average gross margin is about 40%. So Apple's gross profit on each iPhone is probably in the neighborhood of $250.)

And, more importantly

Apple doesn't build iPhones in the United States, in other words, because there is no longer an ecosystem here to support that manufacturing. There's no supply chain, there aren't enough super-low-cost workers, and there are not enough mid-level engineers.  And many Americans looking for work are still hoping for a return to jobs, salaries, and lifestyles that have simply disappeared.

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