Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fee-Free Credit Card in Sweden

I'm currently looking into the banking system in Sweden and it is a nice surprise to find a fee-free credit card on the first go. Wikipedia has a list of banks in Sweden. The only bank with non-Swedish name is GE Money. This was particularly interesting since I am aware of their great credit card products in Australia. One of the best travellers' credit cards has recently been renamed to 28 Degrees. There are no membership fees or surcharges for money withdrawal overseas.

So, in good tradition, GE Money Sweden happens to have a great credit card on offer, as well. There is no membership fee nor currency fees for funds withdrawal abroad. Apparently, quite a few banks in Sweden do not charge for funds withdrawal in the EU, which is great. And, apart from that, there is 60 days interest-free period for the card.

Financial Crisis over in Sweden

According to the Nordic financial services group Nordea, the financial crisis is over in Sweden. Economic growth is forecasted for 2011 and 2012. Other metrics is to follow - unemployment is set to fall, inflation to rise, etc.

source: The Local