Thursday, 1 March 2012

Open-Source Economy

One more sign of changing times.

The $100bn Facebook question: Will capitalism survive 'value abundance'? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English: ""What will happen with capitalism given social media-based exchanges, commons-based production of software and hardware, and collaborative consumption?""

European Demography

One of the most important issues Europe is facing is the demography. Germany, being the highest-affected of all European countries, could see a drop in population of 20% by 2035. Also,
Germany, which currently has a population of around 80m, could find itself with just 25m inhabitants by the end of this century, according to recent projections by Deutsche Bank, which adds: “Even assuming (no doubt unrealistically high) annual immigration of 250,000, Germany's population would decline to about 50m by 2100.”

Demography: The vanishing workforce | The Economist

Europe's Demographic Doom

Poverty on the downslide

Daily chart: Now for the good news | The Economist: "Poverty has fallen in all regions of the world"