Saturday, 28 March 2009

New Service - Adgitize

Here is another ad network. It is not one of the typical advertisement agencies with an established business model. It is one of the new era advertisement / social network / bloggers network community.
The concept is interesting. I am putting it to test.
The network accepts bloggers. Bloggers earn points for certain activities which include blog postings, visiting other blogs, viewing and clicking ads, and so on. Naturally, the amount of these activities is limited to avoid excess hyper-activity. For example, clicking ads is limited per one a day.
Accumulated points are translated into cash at the end of each month. The final amount depends on the funds earned by Adgitize and distributed to all who earned points that month. The funds can be transferred via PayPal (minimum amount $10) or via check (minimum amount $50, of which $10 are fees).
As I said, I am putting it to test and will post more in April after the stats are calculated for this month. Then I'll be able to evaluate the scope of this network.

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