Thursday, 12 March 2009

First Paid Post

Using PayPerPost I have done the test with the first submitted paid post. The advertiser on the site asked for a post of 100 words on the topic of real estate. They are a realestate agent in the US and wanted to have the link to their site in the post. So, having not written anything about realestate for a while, this was a nice opportunity without a conflict of interest. I refreshed the view on realestate generally and included a link to their web site in the post. The post is here.
After submitting it, the initial response from was a denial of the post submission because my blog did not include a disclosure policy. After creating and posting one (here), the post was approved. I am still waiting for the payment and will post after it arrives. The payout is after 28 days. When that happens, this method of online earnings will become proven.
Check my page on Online Business to see more on my experiment of finding whether the online business stories are a myth or not.

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